Go Left Studio is the online gallery of Somerset West artist, Damian de Villiers. The artworks featured here are all digitally painted originals. Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolour, oils, etc. are applied by means of a computer, a digitizing tablet and stylus. In other words, I use a digital canvas to create my art. There are many different techniques used to create a finished piece. Click here to watch a short digital painting video demonstrating one of these techniques.

The same amount of time, effort and skill goes into creating a digital painting as does a more traditional one. To get a digital painted artwork from the digital canvas into the physical world, it needs to be printed; the fancy term for this type of print is a Giclée. This process is not to be confused with mass produced litho prints that have very little or no value.

Giclées offer a wonderful option for the collector who is not a serious art investor. They offer flexibility, any of my artworks can be produced at various sizes, as well as on various archival quality fine art papers i.e. Canvas, Watercolour and Enhanced Matt, all with a lifetime warranty against fading under normal indoor lighting conditions. Each artwork is physically signed and dated by myself. They are easily transported in cardboard tubes, and last but not least, they offer affordability.

If you just love art for the art’s sake, this is a great way to adorn your home or office walls with unique, affordable art!

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